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12/17/2012 11:39am

So I am a new member, and I had a few things to say.

1) congrats on getting someone to join who does not reside in the US, were I am imagining this is based (I am from a small country known as the Netherlands)

2) You should have a spot for introductions. I would love to know my fellow Neighborhood Weirdos!

3) I have a slight conundrum and want advice. I have this set of neighbors and they keep me up every friday night since they have this giant barbeque party with fireworks (Where they get fireworks, I dont know). Anyway, since they are always distracting me and, honestly, the show gets entertaining. I was hoping to return the favor, ideas?

12/17/2012 3:33pm

1. Woo hoo! :D
2. That's a good idea. *jots down in notebook* Okay, you caught me. I don't have a notebook. I want one though. It would make me seem so official!
3. Hmmmm... *strokes chin* And yes, I actually do have a chin. Now where was I? Oh yeah, advice. Here are some random ideas that popped into my head.

-Leaves. Not sure quite what you'd do. Through them in the air? Make funny masks and peer over the fence? The possibilities are endless with leaves...
-You have snow in the Netherlands, right? So make a giant snowball, paint it to look like a jackolantern (works, I've done it) and leave it in their driveway with a note on top. Make the note say, "Happy Halloween!" ..... Okay, that wasn't my best idea. :D
-DADADADADADADADA CIRCUS!!!! Wigs are actually not required. Need I say more?
-Waterballoon/snowman fight! Make snowmen and throw water balloons at them in your front yard. Don't give any explanation, just do it.
-Depending on your type of neighbor, they may or may not enjoy this. Your desicion. Have each member of your party make a snowball. Carry them up to their porch and make the snowman. Leave a note that says, "I'm Chuck Norris. (Or whatever the Dutch equivilant is)."
-Man, I'm out of ideas. Sit on a rug in your driveway and call, "Last chance to fly to Mars! When they don't reply (because they probably won't) insist that it will be fun. No, beg them to come. Wait until they either go inside or agree to "ride" with you to Mars. Act dead serious the whole time, as if you can actually see Mars.
-Make up a funny, incomprehensible language with any siblings or friends (or even by yourself) and greet your neighbors every day with it. (It can be gibberish, but there should be a few predetermined words) Teach them a few of these words if they're curious!
-This one may be over the Line, depending on your neighbors. Ask them next time you see them if your imaginary friend is hiding at their house. When they say no (or yes) suddenly say, "Oh I remember! I left him on Mars. Works well if you already did the whole neighbor/carpet thing.
-Pick a funny accent and use them every time you're around them.
-Through a "party" but invite only snowpeople or imaginary friends. Have it in your front yard, and play all this music and "dance" with your friends. You can invite some real friends or younger siblings if you so choose.

None of these beat fireworks. But they were all made up on the spot and hopefully I'll have new ideas sooon. :D


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