Newbies, this is your haven! Here's your chance to come and say why you decided to join. Maybe an older member would even be willing to teach you the ropes, and give you some good ideas to get started. So come on it and say hi, and we'll be glad to meet you. This is also where you can give us some random info about yourself. Like, what's your favorite color? What's on the bottom of your shoe right now? What's your favorite computer game? These are the life changing questions right here.
Because let's all face it, sometimes we like to do just that. If you want to talk about something besides Neighborhood Weirdos I guess that's fine too, but try to keep the subject revolving around the club. Bonus points to anyone who can use the word llama in five consecutive posts and have it make sense in every one of them.


    2. Please use proper writing mechanics. We want to be able to tell what you are saying!
    3. Be kind to everyone. We can block your IP address!
    4. We understand that you may have siblings, but each person may only post under one name. There are things that give you away if you're the same person.
    5. Enjoy yourself!